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FRABA 2023 Volunteer of the Year

FRABA announced our volunteer of year at the June Annual General Meeting.

Deborah Peddle-Hann, founder and owner of Journey to Wellness, spent the past year helping organize some FRABA's process and worked tirelessly to increase FRABA's exposure and presence in our community through the website, social media and our signs on Highway 2.

Photo by Pat Healey

Here is what Deborah had to say about her time on the board over the past year.

I have been a member of FRABA for over a decade and although I was initially nervous about the possible time commitment to become a FRABA board member, I was eager to bring FRABA out of our COVID coma and help increase our exposure to our community.

In my previous life before starting Journey to Wellness, I specialized in corporate communications and was thrilled to utilize my communications skills, working on the FRABA website, social media and the signs on Highway 2.

Yes, that is me (and usually my kiddos) out changing those signs so be sure to honk and wave when you drive by!

Once we were able to get some processes in place, I found that my volunteer time with FRABA wasn't as overwhelming as I thought it would be. Whenever I make the decision to do anything, whether my biz, volunteer work or my own personal goals, I put everything I have into, which of course can cause burn out at times. I made sure that I was able to set just a little time aside each week to focus on FRABA and it came together very nicely.

I'm happy to stay on the board again for the 2023-2024 year and I hope that we can continue to see an increase in both the visibility of FRABA in the community and in our membership numbers.

I firmly believe you get out of everything what you put in and this has been an extremely rewarding year with FRABA.

June 2023

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