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FRABA firmly believes in providing continuous learning opportunities for our members. All upcoming potential or confirmed courses are below. Courses are free for members. If you are not a FRABA member, but are interested in any of our courses, we encourage you to sign up to become a member today for only $75 per year. 




Start Date: Tuesday, October 3. 9am - 1pm. Runs on Tuesday mornings for approximately 10 weeks, each class is 3-4 hours long. Will be a hybrid of online and in person. **Please note that the instructor will speak to all participants and this can change based on the needs of the group.


Instructor: Zoran Jokic

Price: FREE for FRABA members


TO REGISTER, please go to:


Description of course from WPE: This program has been developed for those working in businesses and organizations who are responsible for marketing. The overall purpose of the program is to provide you with an overview and understanding of how to grow a strong business using fundamental marketing principles. This is achieved by developing a marketing strategy including positioning your products in the marketplace, finding the right fit between your value proposition and targeted customer groups, identifying your pricing strategy, determining appropriate channels of distribution, and building a promotional strategy that encompasses components that are strategically aligned to your product/service offering.


Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify core components of the marketing strategy

  • Define the USP (unique selling proposition)

  • Create a positioning statement

  • Develop target markets (a.k.a. ideal customer avatars)

  • Create the value proposition

  • Develop marketing objectives

  • Gather and analyze data using the four main primary research methods

  • Identify components of a promotional campaign

  • Define relationship marketing

  • Compare and contrast relationship marketing strategies

  • Define the sales cycle

  • Define the features and benefits of the product/service offerings

  • Identify probing sales questions

  • Overcome objections • Identify strategies for confirming the sale

  • Develop profitable pricing strategies for each product in the product line

  • Determine components of a digital marketing strategy

  • Outline a promotional campaign

  • Determine the marketing budget for a specific period


Standard Topics:

  • Strategic marketing fundamentals

  • Marketing research

  • Relationship marketing

  • Successful selling techniques

  • Pricing for profit

  • Digital marketing

  • Creating a promotional campaign

  • Marketing budget


What’s to be expected: Upon registration you will be contacted by someone from the education community within 72 hours to go over paperwork needed. You will also be contacted by the instructor.





If you have any questions or would like to sign up, please reach out to our Education Committee members, Jessica Plamondon or Melissa Mancini Burbridge at

FRABA Fundamentals let’s get back to basics!


FRABA will be offering three foundational courses to help business owners get back in control of your small business.

  • Marketing for Business – September 26 Start Date (register here)

  • Productivity Essentials – Winter (January 2024)

  • Social Media for business – Spring


Participant eligibility for programs:

Any participant can register for the program if they meet one of the following criteria:

  • Be an employed Nova Scotian, or

  • Be self employed in Nova Scotia or a Nova Scotia Business owner, AND

  • Must complete an Individual Needs Assessment (INA), conducted by the instructor, in order to be accepted into the class. The INA is a meeting with the instructor that happens prior to the start of the program and is a critical part of the WEI process. This process allows content to be customized to the businesses in the room. Some support from the Host Organization may be needed to communication the schedule for these individual meetings.

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