Take the time to complete the 2021 Census. The benefits to your community increase with every completed questionnaire.


The census enumerates the entire Canadian population. Census information is vital for planning programs and services at the national, provincial, territorial and local levels. Governments use census data to make informed decisions about things like roads, public transportation, schools, daycare centres, retirement residences and health services. Data from the census also provides Canadian businesses with valuable information on topics such as employment rates, labour force demographics and employment growth by sector. 

  • Census explainer videos (What is the census? Why is the census important? How has COVID-19 affected the 2021 census? How do I complete the 2021 census questionnaire?)

  • Security and Privacy (information on how Statistics Canada protects your confidentiality, security and privacy)

  • The Census Program during the COVID-19 pandemic (how the program has adapted to ensure that the 2021 Census of population is conducted throughout the country in the safest way).

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