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Community Youth Activity & Sports

Updated: Apr 14

The FRABA Community Youth Activity & Sports is a group of FRABA members dedicated to enhancing support for Fall River youth.

Starting in the kitchen of Todd Hann and Deborah Peddle-Hann, and coming off the high of a successful Golf Tournament that raised money for two FRABA scholarships and community beautification, the two began to brainstorm ways to create to further support Fall River youth.

The pair envisioned a team that shared their passion for uplifting youth activity, arts, and sports in the community, so they embarked on a journey to create a dedicated committee of volunteers.

As the amazing and hardworking committee took shape, they brainstormed innovative ways to raise funds, ultimately landing on the idea of hosting an upscale Gala event right in our own community - no need to travel to the city!

More information on the 2024 Community Champions Gala and ticket purchase can be found HERE

This year, fueled by the success of the Fall 2023 Golf Tournament, FRABA committed to matching member donations for the Fall River Turf, to a total of $5000. These funds, alongside contributions to other community activities, reflect the committee's dedication to making a meaningful impact.

The 2024 Committee Members include these hardworking and dedicated members.

  • Candice Bannister

  • Todd Hann

  • Deborah Peddle-Hann

  • Tyler MacNeil

  • Nicola Wood

  • Jason Crowell

  • Phil Burchinshaw

  • Dan MacKenzie

Looking to the Future: Stay tuned for more updates this spring, including information on the Fall 2024 application process, criterion, and how you can get involved. Together, we're continuing to shape a bright future for Fall River's youth!

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