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Rory Fox, Swole Bears Protein Gummies

Hello my name is Rory Fox and I’m the owner of Swole Bears Protein Gummies, I am a 15 year old entrepreneur and athlete who wanted to create a healthier snack to optimize results, Swole Bears are low calorie and high protein while still be sweetened with honey.


Customer reviews:


“I got all three flavours they were really good low calories and helped me hit my protein goals for the day, definitely would recommend and it was a nice switch up from just taking protein powder every day” - Dami Fashoranti International Level Powerlifter


“Swole Bears are quite the game changer because they let me have my sugar fix without ruining my diet or getting carried away with eating too much. The flavour and texture is surprisingly good and doesn’t have that annoying protein after taste that most health conscious treats has! This is going to be the next big thing and I unfortunately have another amazing treat to burn a hole in wallet” - Josh Lunda National Level Track Athlete


“Awesome product amazing for a gym snack or meet day snacks! I highly recommend checking out Swole Bears for an amazing and tasty way to get that protein intake” - Terrence Mendes International Level Powerlifter

“As someone who is not a big fan of protein powders or bars (texture & taste wise), Swole Bears is the perfect way to fill my protein quick and even fill my sugar when I need the energy mid training session. It’s a great healthy snack, with variety of flavours and hands down all of the flavours are on point and doesn’t get boring. Not to mention the time and effort put into these one bear by one and again the best way to boost yourself up during a hard session. If you find it hard to hit your protein intake/goal or just a good gym snack, I definitely recommend Swole Bears!” -Christina Kim, #1 CPU 84Jr Powerlifter

You can find us on Instagram: @swolebears_proteingummies

 November 2023

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