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Pat Healey - The Laker News

It's fitting that Pat Healey and The Laker News is April's FRABA spotlight business as they just celebrated their third year in business in late March. And there’s no signs of things slowing down as the news in the community continues and the support is strong for the digital news website.

In 2020, The Laker News was born after the unexpected closure by the print papers owners of both The Weekly Press and The Laker. A couple months later, The Laker News became a reality.

The Laker News is completely advertising-driven, meaning its success relies fully on the support from the business community.

Our Facebook page has 7.9 k likes and 9.1 k followers; on Twitter I have 7,979 followers and many more who check to see what is happening in the community.

From covering the musical at Lockview High, to developments in the community, residents concerns over traffic, talking with the MLA, Councillor, and MP on concerns/stories of interest, to successes of our athletes on the world and Canada Games stage, The Laker News is all about the community. It is truly supporting our communities.

While The Laker News task is to gather the community news, sports, and cover local events, they can also help your business.

The Laker News does video stories with the support of sponsorships from businesses, and the videos are quite a hit with many eyes on them and thus the business that sponsored it.

The Laker News also does video advertorials that talk about your business and what you do in a short video. Its like a regular advertorial, only done in video.

Both of these post to The Laker News Facebook and are shared to community pages, and also to Pat’s twitter @ReprtrPatHealey.

For more information on these including the cost please send Pat a message at

April 2023

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