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Integrum Painting

Integrum, derived from the Latin word meaning to return to its natural state or to make complete, reflects the integrity and dedication that Shaun brings to every project. Founded in 2021, Integrum Painting has quickly become a prominent name in the painting industry in Nova Scotia. 


Specializing in both new construction and residential repaints, Integrum Painting prides itself on transforming spaces with a touch of creativity and expertise. They're committed to bringing visions to life, one brushstroke at a time. 


Shaun, with years of experience in foreman positions in Vancouver and Toronto, leads the team with a keen eye for detail and a dedication to quality. Outside of work, you might catch Shaun exploring the picturesque landscapes of Nova Scotia with his family and their two furry companions, Milo the Dalmatian and Wyatt the Weimaraner.


Shaun's philosophy is beautifully captured in this quote: "One of my favourite things is showing up at someone's home and breathing life into an outdated exterior or interior. Making it brand new again so it's almost like they're seeing it again for the first time."

Want a fresh look? Text 902-293-7466


April 2024

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