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T. Weatherhead & Co.

Realizing that he was most content and satisfied when creating in his workshop, Tom left his 20-year career in the logistics industry behind to focus on creating luxury heirloom wood products. In 2020 he became the full-time owner, creative director, and craftsperson behind T. Weatherhead & Co.

Weaving traditional techniques and modern technology without sacrificing quality or esthetics, Tom makes everything in house using locally sourced material as much as possible allowing for a completely custom product. He creates contemporary home decor and furnishings such as cabinets and tables as well as boxes and cases for jewelry and glasses, clocks as well as kitchenware.

Featured Global TV’s -The Morning Show – “The most-wanted holiday gifts of 2020”, not only has he had the privilege of creating beautiful home furnishings and products for Canadians, but also for people in the United States, Europe, and the UK. He looks forward to more collaborations with designers, architects, general contractors, and homeowners.

Tom’s work can be found at

October 2022

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