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Nicola Wood - REM Investment Group

Nicola grew up in Bedford and moved to Vancouver in 1997 to start her insurance career. After 16 years, they decided to move back and raise their two sons in Fall River, who are now in grade 10 at Lockview High School and starting 1st year at Saint Mary’s University. To reacquaint herself to the community she became an active volunteer with FRABA 8 years ago. As a Board member she was Secretary of Communications for 4 years and active on several Committees and was elected as Vice President for the 2023-2024 year.


As an Employee Benefits Advisor, Nicola has over 26 years of experience.  She has partnered with the major group benefits insurers and third party providers.  Nicola takes an approach that expands well beyond the typical benefits models that are used by the Industry.  Her standing in the benefits community and flexibility enables to bring costs containment measures and innovative solutions.  Whether you’re a Business Owner or Executive Director looking for a group benefits or a pension plan, Nicola can tailor a plan that works for you.

December 2023

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