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Julianno Scaglione - My Own Path, Health and Wellness

Julianno Scaglione, CD, is the owner-operator of My Own Path, Health and Wellness Inc. and Veteran Ambassador for CannaConnect NS veteran clinic and wellness lounge. Julianno is a 21-year Veteran of the Canadian Army and has a passion for helping others achieve a balanced lifestyle through physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual fitness.

Julianno is a certified personal trainer and Reiki practitioner. He has been actively engaged in fitness since 2006 when first started with Fitness New Brunswick. He has trained many people over the years as a military instructor, helping other soldiers prepare for physically demanding courses, privately, with groups he has organized such as a veteran’s group and bodybuilding team, and now with clients at My Own Path, Health and Wellness Inc.

Charity and giving back is an important part of Julianno’s work as he believes that giving back brings balance to business. Building community and strong networks is a personal mission in order to lessen the division that seems to be creeping into Canada.

The My Own Path mantras are “Suffer, Learn, Grow, Repeat”™ and “Be The Tree”™ If you want to learn what this means reach out to me Instagram @myownpath_hw

September 2022

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