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Journey to Wellness

Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Deborah Peddle-Hann

Deborah is a certified Personal Trainer, Healthy Eating & Weight Loss Coach and Pre & Post Natal Fitness Specialist.

Deborah has been teaching fitness classes and working with private clients and small groups in Fall River since 2010. She also created an online Body Transformation Challenge that, in conjunction with her YouTube channel, has helped thousands of people learn what it takes to be healthy and fit!

Deborah is a busy mom of three and understands that sometimes you are simply tired, busy and don’t feel like exercising. She knows the struggle to eat healthy when you are on the go but, also knows how rewarding it feels to make the lifestyle changes you need to be fit and healthy for life.

Not only will Deborah guide you with safe and effective exercise and nutrition, she will provide you with the accountability to make the REAL changes you need.

Contact Info: Deborah Peddle-Hann Journey To Wellness (902) 222-1353

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