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Gina Dolan - Allstate Insurance

HI, I’m Gina from Allstate. I was born and raised in Waverley and now live in Fall River with my 2 amazing young men Matteo and Franco, and 3 fury babies. You may have seen me at local events handing out cotton candy and candy.

I have been with Allstate for almost 5 years and my goal to be known as your local trusted insurance advisor. I spend a lot of time reviewing your current insurance needs make sure you are covered for everything you need in the event of a loss. I will compare pricing with your current provider to ensure that you are receiving the best price for your insurance needs. I tailor your insurance needs to get you fully covered, and save you money while ensuring you are covered the right way.

Please call me or email me at (902) 789 1804 or and let see what we can do to make sure you are covered the right way when you need us the most.

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