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Updated: Sep 21, 2022

Barb MacLellan

Barb opened her law practice in June of 1996 and is conveniently located at 3161 Highway #2 across from Gerald Burgess’s Race Trac garage.

Barb helps families through life’s biggest decisions: buy a house, start a business, prepare their wills and help them separate through mediation or a collaborative process. Barb decided over 5 years ago that she would no longer go to Family Court as she believes court tears families apart.

Barb’s approach is to comfort and educate families so they make good decisions. Even areas of law that she does not practice in or have experience in, Barb can put her clients in good hands with her many trusted colleagues.

Barb was born and raised in Inverness Cape Breton and enjoys working and living in Fall River as “the community has been very good to me as a business owner and it’s important to give back”. Barb was one of the founding members of FRABA, the Fall River Alzheimer’s and Dementia Support Group and the Fall River Fury Volleyball Club.

Visit Barb’s website to learn more about her services and hear some of her radio shows on various legal and non legal topics.

Contact Info: Barb MacLellan Fall River Law (902) 860-1515

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