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Heather Rose

4 Roses Framing

Company Number: (902) 860-1162

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Mike Cadden


9Round is a specialized fitness center for people who want a fun and proven workout that guarantees results. 9Round offers a kickboxing themed fitness program that incorporates a functional, interval, cardiovascular, and circuit training regimens.

Company Number: (902) 700-4750


Derek Flight

A A Munro Insurance

Company Number: (902) 864-3571

Email Address:

Natasha Minaker

Active Occupational Therapy

Consultation and/or In-Home Assessment following Illness, Injury or Surgery

Company Number: (902) 860-4622

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Jason Crowell

AEROTEC Engines Ltd.

Company Number: (902) 497-9977

Email Address:

Veronica Alward

All About Travel

Company Number: (902) 999-4081

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Angus MacKaracher

AMAC Electrical Services

Company Number: (902) 497-3228

Email Address:

Claude Garry

Atlantic Magiseal

Company Number: (902) 441-8772

Email Address:

Brian McKay

Aztek Solar Ltd

Company Number: (902) 407-7778

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Katelyn Young

Barefoot Books with Katelyn

Company Number: (902) 388-0861

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Karen Chasse

Bema Business Consulting

Accounting software setup and training. Bookkeeping services.

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Website: http://

Sherry Hatfield


Company Number: (902) 225-0071

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Criss Hochhold

BProud Apparel Inc

Company Number: (902) 225-8998

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Sabrina Wakfer

Brushstroke Studios

Company Number: (902) 450-8521

Email Address:

Jerry Wilkins

Canal Corner Ltd.

Company Number: (902) 860-0419

Email Address:

Alayne Jackson

CBDC Blue Water

Company Number: (902) 889-7523

Email Address:

Glenn Clark

CleanEarth Technologies Inc

Company Number: (902) 835-9095

Email Address:

Stacey D. Chapman

Cobequid Health Centre Foundation

Company Number: (902) 220-2064

Email Address:

Cameron Scott Wainwright

CSD Security Systems

Company Number: (902) 576-5101

Email Address:

Arni Lively

Dennis Lively Const. & Backhoe Services L

Company Number: (902) 864-3837

Email Address:

Susanne MacDonald

Dillon Consulting Limited

Company Number: (902) 450-4000

Email Address:

Jason Pace

East Coast Credit Union

Company Number: (902) 860-3888

Email Address:

David Cochrane

Eco Friendly Septic Solutions

Company Number: (902) 476-2600

Email Address:

Claire Karst

Elmsdale Dental Clinic

Company Number: (902) 883-7624

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Steven Leblanc

Expressions of Wood

Company Number: (902) 430-2920

Email Address:

William Hepditch

Fall Riiver Flooring

Company Number: (902) 448-4487

Email Address:

Kirk Stephen

Fall River & District Lions Club

Company Number: (902) 220-5783

Email Address:

Sarah Bowers

Fall River Animal Hospital

Company Number: (902) 497-4571

Email Address:

Beth Crozsman

Fall River Chiropractic

Company Number: (902) 717-4832

Email Address:

Colleen Jordan

Fall River Dental Group

Company Number: (902) 861-3471

Email Address:

Shawn Grimm

Fall River Guardian Pharmacy

Company Number: (902) 433-1794

Email Address:

Barb MacLellan

Fall River Law Office

Company Number: (902) 860-1515

Email Address:

Virginia Cox

Fall River School of Performing Arts

Company Number: (902) 789-2226

Email Address:

John Coleman

Fall River Yoga Centre

Company Number: (902) 576-9642

Email Address:

Matt McAlllister

Finish Grade Excavation

Company Number: (902) 717-8877

Email Address:

Katie Hart

FitPup Exercise and Training

Company Number: (902) 403-2043

Email Address:

Angela Mitchell

Gerald Mitchell Contracting Ltd.

Company Number: (902) 483-3697

Email Address:

Glenn Geddes

Glenmar Heating & Air-Conditioning

Company Number: (902) 483-2952

Email Address:

Sonya Murphy

Halcraft Printers Inc

Company Number: (902) 453-4511

Email Address:

Jennifer Hilchie-Sinclair

Hilchie Environmental Septic

Company Number: (902) 861-2795

Email Address:

Gary Hines

Hines Sight

Company Number: (902) 430-3703

Email Address:

Dave Holland

Hollands Pest Control

Company Number: (902) 880-1798

Email Address:


Chris Wheatley

Hot Tub Universe

Company Number: (902) 576-5515

Email Address:


Steve Streatch

HRM Councillor District 2 Steve Streatch

Company Number: (902) 861-2016

Email Address:

Ron Nelson

Inn on The Lake

Company Number: (902) 861-3480

Email Address:


Stephanie Brown

Innate Beauty Skincare Solutions

Company Number: (902) 809-9355

Email Address:

Tanisha Clish

Innovative Floor Care Inc

Company Number: (902) 482-3667

Email Address:

Krista Snow

Investors Group

Company Number: (902) 499-3605

Email Address:

Don Jacobi

Jacobi Brien Insurance

Fast growing, locally owned Insurance Brokerage providing Business, Home, Auto and Marine coverage.

Company Number: (902) 334-1320

Email Address:


Jill Borys

Jill Plus O.N.E (Organized Networking and Events)

Jill, formerly of Jill's Jewellery Box Plus, sold affordable jewellery. Now, known as Jill Plus O.N.E. (Organized Networking & Events), Jill hosts 4 vendor shows, plus 4 fantastic Networking evenings annually to facilitate new connections for business people.

Company Number: (902) 576-2225

Email Address:


Louise MacDonald

Joyful Sounds Music Studio

Company Number: (902) 576-2483

Email Address:

Andrew Willison

Junk Works Halifax Inc

Company Number: (902) 471-2510

Email Address:


Kristy Legge

K.M. Legge Financial Consulting Inc

Company Number: (902) 860-0072

Email Address:

Krista Tannahill

KI Digital Media - Customer

Company Number: (902) 999-5944

Email Address:

Michele Magin

La Cave de Strasbourg

Company Number: (902) 860-0315

Email Address:

Lee Castle

Lee Castle

Company Number: (902) 497-6240

Email Address:

Phil Wall

Life Leadership

Company Number: (902) 452-5469

Email Address:

Michael Creighton

Lockview Area Ratepayers Association

Company Number: (902) 440-4772

Email Address:

Matthew Smith

M. Smith Contracting

Company Number: (902) 210-7366

Email Address:

Nathalie Gauthier

MacDonald Chisholm Trask Insurance

Company Number: (902) 266-5284

Email Address:

Sharon E. Hogg

MacLellan & Moffatt Benefits Experts

Company Number: (902) 488-4086

Email Address:

Gordon Ryan

Maritime Car Wash

Company Number: (902) 861-4747

Email Address:


Amy Grady

Maritime Moving & Storage

Company Number: (902) 240-8910

Email Address:

Sara Wilson

Metro Ladies Golf

Company Number: (902) 449-2062

Email Address:


Cheryl Law

Mitchell Realty Ltd.

Company Number: (902) 449-5236

Email Address:

Brad Langille


MNP is a leading national accounting, tax and business consulting firm in Canada. We proudly serve and respond to the needs of our clients in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

Company Number: (902) 493-5461

Email Address:


Joe Wilkie


Company Number: (902) 482-2000

Email Address:

Sheryl Knowles


Company Number: (902) 483-3681

Email Address:

Stephen Merricks

MTG Promational

Company Number: (902) 456-8122

Email Address:


Ian Avery

Neptune Water Systems Ltd.

Private Water Well Contractor. Water Treatment / Service & Parts / Submersible pumps - parts + repair + replace

Company Number: (902) 832-5288

Email Address:


Amanda Morvan

O'Regan's KIA

Company Number: (902) 223-5698

Email Address:

Racheal Weagle

Oakfield Golf & Country Club

Oakfield Golf & Country Club is a private members' facility and welcome non-members to enjoy our beautiful course, at dedicated times throughout the season.

Company Number: (902) 220-3775

Website: http://

Carl Ostridge

Ostridge Financial Services

Company Number: (902) 483-2657

Email Address:

Peter King

Pete's Small Engine Repair

Company Number: (902) 223-7590

Email Address:

Scott Elliot


Company Number: (902) 495-7752

Email Address:


Paul Fraser

Q-Drilling & Remediation Inc

Company Number: (902) 576-4040

Email Address:


Randy Murphy

R. Murphy's Lawn Maintenance

Company Number: (902) 877-4140

Email Address:

Faye Coady

Re/Max Nova - Faye Coady

Company Number: (902) 266-5500

Email Address:

Gary Tumblin

Recon Express

Company Number: (902) 220-1399

Email Address:

Nicola Wood

REM Investments Group Ltd

Company Number: (902) 240-8178

Email Address:

Nancy Beaton

Riverlakes Physiotherapy

Company Number: (902) 266-6199

Email Address:

Robyn Walsh

Robyn Walsh Travel Specialist - TPI

Company Number: (902) 488-9083

Email Address:

Michelle Reid

Rooftight Construction Ltd.

Company Number: (902) 456-4429

Email Address:

Sara Wolthers

Roots and Boots Forest School

Company Number: (902) 478-6566

Email Address:


Sandra Carr

Sandra Carr

Company Number: (902) 483-8712

Email Address:

Sara Kelly

Sara Kelly Designs

Company Number: (902) 880-0195

Email Address:


Keith Sawlor

Sawlor Built Homes

Company Number: (902) 465-7738

Email Address:

Sherrie Deveau

Sherrie Deveau Photography

Company Number: (902) 430-9706

Email Address:

Shirley Baxter

Shirley Baxter Knits

Company Number: (902) 456-7378

Email Address:


Andrea Stubbert

Shoppers Drug Mart / Fall River

Company Number: (902) 861-1777

Email Address:

Thomas Stroud

ShubieTech Inc

Company Number: (902) 240-8523

Email Address:


Peter Hawkins

Signature Limousine Service

Company Number: (902) 430-9213

Email Address:

Dr. Ryan Thomas

Smile Innovations Dentistry

Company Number: (902) 237-6608

Email Address:

Mark Gouthro

Sobeys Fall River

Company Number: (902) 860-2291

Email Address:

Dawn MacDonald

Spark Learning

Company Number: (902) 240-7775

Email Address:


Stephanie Cooper

Stevie's Barber Shop

Company Number: (902) 861-4911

Email Address:

Katy Scott

Studio 444 Day Spa

Company Number: (902) 861-5414

Email Address:

Kent Ain

Subway Fall River

Company Number: (902) 456-5046

Email Address:

Vlad Sitnikov

Talent Studio

Company Number: (902) 412-1424

Email Address:

Roxanne Tate

Tate Engineering

Company Number: (902) 576-3420

Email Address:

Dave Randell

TDR Transportation and Logistics

Company Number: (902) 576-3190

Email Address:

Ken Burrows

Terra Firma Consultants Ltd.

Company Number: (902) 221-2135

Email Address:

Hollie Ferrall

The Beading Room

Company Number: (902) 229-2864

Email Address:

Cheryl Christmas

The Birches Facial Medi Spa

Company Number: (902) 576-5253

Email Address:

Pierrette Leger

The Mens Den Barber Shop

Company Number: (902) 861-2357

Email Address:

Eleanor MacDougall

The Mortgage Group

Company Number: (902) 483-8123

Email Address:

Darren Scott

The Turtleback Tap & Grill

Company Number: (902) 860-3610

Email Address:


Ashley Butler

The Ultimate Party & Event Store

Company Number: (902) 489-0829

Email Address:

Jason Simpson

The Vegetorium

Company Number: (902) 860-2131

Email Address:

Steve Taylor

Tim Hortons Fall River

Company Number: (902) 222-1611

Email Address:

Bjorn Sunde

Viking Transport Services Ltd

Company Number: (902) 452-3407

Email Address:

Wayne MacRae

WMR Enviromental Service Inc

Company Number: (902) 456-3941

Email Address:

Sara Moginot

Word Thrift

Company Number: (902) 402-6742

Email Address:

Steve MacLellan

Your Financial Potential

We help and teach people of all income levels how to save and protect their income.

Company Number: (902) 240-6508

Email Address: