Executive Board Responsibility:

The Executive Board advises the Board Members on policies, make recommendations to the Board Members for their approval and take recommendations from the Board to formulate new policies. Financial oversight is also provided by the Executive Board, as well as helping with Board Members development tasks such as recruiting new Board Members and orienting them to the mission and procedures of FRABA.

Current Executive Board:

Name Role Company Email Phone
Jason Crowell President AEROTEC Engines Ltd. jason@aerotecengines.ca (902) 873-3100
Angela Mitchell Vice President #1 Gerald Mitchell Contracting Ltd. angela@gmhomes.ca (902) 483-3697
Cameron Wainwright Vice President #2 CSD Security Systems info@csdsecuritysystems.com (902) 789-3549
Nicola Wood Secretary of Communications REM Investments Group Ltd nicola@dhrobertsfinancial.ca (902) 240-8178
Dawn Lavoie Secretary of Minutes MacDonald Chisholm Trask Insurance Dawn.lavoie@mcti.ca
Faye Coady Past Chair Re/Max Nova – Faye Coady faye@fayecoady.com (902) 266-5500