Responsibilities of the Committees:

The Committees work is delegated by the board and these focused workgroups handle issues efficiently than at the board level. Committees review options and regularly present their findings and recommendations to the board members and prepares tasks and events for FRABA.

If you need to contact any of these committee members, then use the phone numbers below or check out their listing in the business directory where you will find their website and email contact. Please note that all contacts should be of a business/FRABA nature and not for other ‘spam’ like purposes such as fundraising.
Here are a list of the current committees:.

Marketing Committee
Angela 483-3697
Ann 861-3268
Ann 860-2325
Eleanor 483-8123
Heather 860-1162
Jason 873-3100
Jessesar 860-4411
Louise 861-2702
Neil 453-1616
Stephanie 809-9355
Social Media Committee
Lavonne 576-2655
Krista 999-5944
Website Committee
Krista 999-5944
Matthew 495-8711
Networking Committee
Amy 240-8910
Andrew 471-2510
Katherine 860-1208
Lori 876-5167
Scott 495-7752
Shera-Lee 329-5377
Membership & Benefits Committee
Angela-Rae 499-2899
Anna-Marie 880-2242
Barbara 860-1515
Carl 483-2657
Glen 483-2952
Jill 576-2225
Kristy 830-0132
Melissa 225-5267
Phil 717-4649
Roxanne 576-3420
Sharron 860-1864
Education Committee
Chris 719-6603
Jessesar 860-4411
Ken 809-7220
Melissa 225-5267
Phil 717-4649
Scholarship Committee
Beth 717-4832
Finance Committee
Faye 266-5500
Jason 873-3100
Kristy 830-0132
Matthew 495-8711