Board Members Responsibility:

The Board’s responsibility is to determine the organization’s mission and purpose, which is recorded in the organizing documents. As the organization progresses, The Board is vigilant to make sure FRABA is on target with its purpose, supports and evaluates the Executive Board, ensuring that they have the resources needed to further the goals of FRABA. Board members participate actively by attending meetings and completing committee assignments as needed.

Current Board Members:

Chris WillisonJunk Works Halifax 719-6603
Heather Rose4 Roses 860-1162
Katherine LarterKatherine Larter CST Craniosacral 860-1208
Lavonne BoutcherLavonne Boutcher Writing & 576-2655
Matthew BoileauMNP 495-8711
Scott 495-7752
Sharron AttonSharron M. Atton, Consulting – Probate 860-1864